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The Coffin & Friends Tour started in 1998 and is dedicated to keeping several Central NYer's in touch as many times as possible per year with the simple excuse of having to golf and visit friends all over the country. It is dedicated to keeping the spirit and memory alive of one of the greatest golfing events in all of mankind... the immortal "Andre Open"!!!

KV Junior

July 16, 2024

Barneveld, NY

2019 KVF Junior Golf Tournament Champion

The KV Junior golf tournament made its debut in 2019 to support our next generation of golfers and community volunteers.

Coffin-Family & Friends


July 17-20, 2024

Newport & New Hartford, NY

The granddaddy of them all! The Coffin-Family & Friends Weekend offers numerous opportunities to reconnect with family and friends, create new connections and give back to the community and to those in need. Since 1989, the CFF Weekend has been a mid-summer classic in the Kuyahoora Valley.

Memorial Atlanta Classic

(MAC Daddy)

Oct 19, 2024

Atlanta, GA

The Memorial Atlanta Classic (MAC Daddy) launched the second leg of the Coffin & Friends Tour in 1998. The MAC Daddy kicks off the tour each year near Memorial Day and extends the KVF's reach to the Southeast to support local & national causes while strengthening its relationships to it roots... and giving anyone in the snow belt an extension of summer!

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