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So tell me more about KVF-nexgen...


  • Is “student run” (like college clubs are) but... has adult advisors to help as necessary

  • Face it... service projects aren’t easy to find - this provides 3 ways to be involved with community service projects:
    1) participating in a few ‘outreach projects’ per year 
    2) participating in 1 or more fun fundraisers to raise additional $$ for the projects fund
    3) if received - reviewing and selecting projects from other students/groups (great leadership activity – though... we haven’t done this yet)

  • Cross-cuts multiple schools and is not limited to working just with students from 1 school


  • Concept is to to have a young leaders leadership board as a spin-off of the Kuyahoora Valley Foundation

  • Made up of students from schools in/near the Kuyahoora Valley (WCV, Poland, Remsen, HP)

  • KVF provides some $ annually and they raise the rest to fund student led community service projects

  • Involvement in a community service group looks GREAT on college applications. Colleges STRESS community service in their pitches during tours – stands to reason they want kids that show an affinity to community service work... and might even entice them with more scholarship $$.


  • ~3 students from 4 schools in the Kuyahoora Valley – targeting 10th and 11th graders (9th okay too)

  • Here’s a list of the schools as candidate students (if known) for our 2019-2020 KVF-NexGen team

    • HP – Luke Kochan, Jon Schmitt, 2-3 more TBD

    • Remsen – TBD

    • WCV – Maggie Burdick, Adia Clarke, Maya Farber, 1-2 more TBD

    • Poland – Isaiah Zuchowski, Sarah Zuchowski, 2-3 more TBD

  • 1-3 year term – students select who has what role

  • Time commitment is ~3-4 hrs per month

  • Meet for a board mtg at least quarterly (monthly better) – target to have 1 or so events per quarter

  • Adult advisors: Matt Kochan (Barneveld), Lynn Farber (Newport), Lisa Farber (Newport), Leonora Foster (Newport), Teri Zuchowski (Poland)


  • KVF social media ambassadors

  • Blessing boxes (micro self-serve food pantry)

  • Junior Golf Tournament

  • Mascot flags for local schools?

  • and...other ideas created by the student group


2022 KVF Junior Golf Tournament

Glass Hill Golf Club, Barneveld, NY

July 12, 2022


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